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A light, practical and unobtrusive application that enables you to hide your running applications from your Mac's Dock with ease

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The increasing power of Mac computers coupled with the capabilities of the latest OS Xs allow us to multitask and run multiple applications at the same time. The only drawback seems to be the overcrowded Dock that hosts an increasing number of icons.

Clear your Dock and hide apps’ icons

Thanks to GhostTile, you can now avoid this problem and easily hide your running applications from the Dock with just a few clicks of a mouse button. Hence, you can hide apps and reveal them only when you need them with ease.

From GhostTile’s main window, you can quickly and easily select the applications you want to hide and drag them onto GhostTile’s icon. On top of that, GhostTile allows you to use the “Toggle target mode” to hide apps from your Dock by simply clicking on them.

Effortlessly switch between hidden apps

Once hidden, you can use the in-app Quick Switch window to reveal or close hidden apps and reveal them back in the Dock if you want. Moreover, the built-in search form helps you filter the displayed applications and find the desired application with just a few keystrokes.

By accessing the Preferences window, you can change the default keyboard shortcuts fro “Toggle target mode” and “Quick Switch mode”, install workflow for Alfred v2 and personalize GhostTile’s behavior.

Customize the behavior of various apps with ease

As follows, you are allowed to configure GhostTile to start at login, hide its icon from Dock and reveal added apps’ dock activity. Furthermore, helps you set per app menu bar actions and hide their icon from menu bar or add a simple app menu or an app menu with dark icon.

GhostTile was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 26th, 2015
GhostTile - GhostTile helps you hide the Dock icon of various applications even when they are running.GhostTile - The Quick Switch mode helps you hide or show and application with just a few keystrokes.GhostTile - By accessing the Preferences window, you can customize the predefined hot keys.GhostTile - screenshot #4

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