Ghost Radar Classic for Mac1.9.2

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An unusual and really handy paranormal activity detector that comes with a built-in radar and the ability to bypass common bursts of energy

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Ghost Radar Classic is a lightweight application designed to detect nearby ghosts for entertainment purposes. The app is not taking itself seriously, but merely offers a fun way of passing the time with your friends.

Supposedly, Ghost Radar Classic makes some kind of amazing readings of the environment. Without you knowing, there are hidden paranormal activities around you that our earthly senses can not be detected. Here is where Ghost Radar Classic comes into play.

The app is unique because it uses a sophisticated engine which detects only the interesting patters of disruptions in the air. More often than not, other ghost detecting apps mistake simple bursts of energies for real paranormal entities, i.e. ghosts.

Ghost Radar Classic includes a built-in radar that shows the movement of ghosts. In addition, the readings are organized into three different groups and display the ghost’s ‘coordinates’. Another interesting feature is the voice that tells when paranormal activities are occurring.

To sum up, Ghost Radar Classic is an unusual application that nobody in their right mind would take seriously. However, it might be funny to be told that some terrifying invisible spirit is lurking in our room when we least expect.

Ghost Radar Classic was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 21st, 2013
Ghost Radar Classic - The main window of the application that attempts to detect paranormal activities.

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