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A smooth-running and practical application that enables you to control the sound volume of your Mac or the lights in your house using various gestures

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Gestoos is powerful and no-frills Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to take control over your PhilipsHUE lights and adjust your Mac’s sound volume using only gestures.

Use gestures to turn on or off your lights and adjust the sound volume

It is worth mentioning that you are required to have a depth camera in order to successfully use Gestoos and wirelessly control the sound volume and lights. Currently, Gestoos comes with support for Microsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion Pro, Asus Carmine and Structure Sensor.

Gestoos is still under beta development and, as a result, it feature a narrow set of plugins that you can use to control your devices. The featured plugins allow you to take control over your PhilipsHUE lights and your Mac’s volume.

Effortlessly silence your Mac or randomize the lights

As follows, thanks to Gestoos you can turn on, turn off or randomize your lights and silence your Mac using simple gestured while sitting on your couch. In addition, you can raise or lower the volume and easily interact with your Mac.

By accessing Gestoos’ status bar slide sheet, you can choose the plugin you want to use and view a list with all supported gestures.

Follow the in-app tutorial and learn how to control your devices

What is more, Gestoos comes with a handy in-app tutorial that makes it easy for you to get used to the gestures and practice before using them in every-day situations. After completing the tutorial you can leave Gestoos to run in the background and take care of your daily tasks.

The great thing about Gestoos is that it actually works and helps you control the lights and sound volume using simple gestures. Hopefully more gestures and plugins will be added with the release of new versions.

As it is, Gestoos helps you control your PhilipsHUE lights and your Mac’s sound volume from the comfort of your couch or sofa. 

Gestoos was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 6th, 2015
Gestoos - From Gestoos' status bar menu you can select the device you want to control using gestures.Gestoos - Thanks to the in-app tutorial you can learn the gestures you need to make in order to control the volume or Philips lights.Gestoos - All recognized gestures are displayed under the status bar icon.

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