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A Java based application for Mac OS X that enables you to make various calculations and perform conversions via a simple, unsophisticated user interface.

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Frink can be used to perform a wide range of calculations and conversions between different measurement units without making you deal with a complicated user interface. The tool is also including a versatile programming language, yet is using very few resources.

The application has been developed by using the Java Runtime, so you must make sure the JRE is installed on your Mac before trying the launch Frink.

Intuitive and unsophisticated user interface

You can access all the Frink functions through a small window that is separated in two main areas: on the bottom you must input the expressions that you want to evaluate, while on top you can see the results.

Frink comes with 4 viewing modes and you can switch between them by using the Mode menu, or via specific hotkeys: Control + 1 for the One Line mode, Control + 2 for the Convert mode, Control + 3 for the Multi Line mode, and Control + P for the Programming mode.

Extensive calculations capabilities

You can use Frink to perform basic operations but the utility is also able to deal with advanced mathematical functions, date and time conversions, unit conversions, exchange rates for various currencies, and even translate text between various languages.

To learn about everything Frink has to offer you can read the online documentation and the Frink data file for non-changing units.

Develop your own applications

Note that Frink is also a programming language that includes support for using all sorts of functions, arrays, loops, and more. You can use it for object oriented programming and develop applications for small, mobile devices. To do that you must enable the Programming mode where you can write and run the code.

Powerful calculations solution and programming language

Frink provides access to a plethora of tools and functions via a simple, unsophisticated user interface. The commands used by the Frink calculator and programming language are fairly intuitive, but you can also consult the extensive documentation to see all that it has to offer.

Frink was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 4th, 2015
Frink - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to perform multiple calculations.Frink - From the Mode menu you can access the one-line, multi-line and programming modes.Frink - In the Font Selector window you can easily change the font size and make the text bold.

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