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An open-source VRML and X3D browser






FreeWRL is an open-source(R) VRML and X3D browser, placed under the Gnu Library General Public License. FreeWRL will help you view VRML and X3D 3D files.

Written by developers with the ultimate goal of producing a high quality, up-to-date browser in the public domain, FreeWRL is gaining broad acceptance in industry and academia.

Since 2000, a team of developers led by John Stewart at Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) has produced and distributed FreeWRL in collaboration with the WEB 3-D Consortium.

Written for Linux and Mac OS/X workstations, FreeWRL supports Javascript, Java Class invocation, and the EAI version 1 spec. It meets or exceeds the VRML-97 (ISO/IEC 14772:1997) minimal conformance specification. Work is being performed to bring FreeWRL to full VRML and X3D compliancy.
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
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