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A simple, clean and intuitive application specially designed analyze your Mac's hard disk and display the storage distribution among files, apps and folders

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Free Disk Space is a lightweight and user-friendly mac OS X application that enables you to easily find large items such as videos, photos, games, apps, archives and Podcasts that occupy precious storage space.

Quickly find large and obsolete items on your Mac’s hard disk

From Free Disk Space’s main window you can visualize the hard disk space distribution between your files, folders, as well as applications and locate the items that required the most storage space with ease.

The first time you launch Free Disk Space, you need to choose the hard disk you want to be scanned and wait for the application to complete the scanning process. The left side panel helps you view all connected hard drives and have an overview of each of the detected drives.

Analyze the status of your hard disk space usage and easily remove unneeded items

Moreover, the progress bar displayed above each volume name helps you track the scanning process and the animated pie-chart allows you to visualize the disk usage and interpret the provided data. Thus, beside viewing the absolute values of ht free and used storage space, you can also view their graphic interpretation.

The right panel of the app helps you identify the largest item on your Mac’s hard disk, browse the content of your folders and locate space consuming files. Thanks to the context menu, you can reveal your selection in Finder or move it directly to Trash.

The scanning process might take some time, depending on your Mac’s configuration and the number of files, apps and folders found on your disk. Unfortunately, Free Disk Space is not capable to remember the data collected from the previous scan and, as a result, it will rescan your Mac every time you launch the app.

Free Disk Space was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
Free Disk Space - From Free Disk Space's main window, you can visualize how your hard disk space is distributed between files, folders and apps.Free Disk Space - The context menu helps you reveal your selection inf Finder or move it to Trash.

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