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Dual pane based and full-featured OS X file manager and FTP/SFTP client designed to make it easy to help you manipulate files locally and over the Internet

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Forklift is a lightweight and clean styled OS X app built to be a speedy and very powerful dual pane file manager for all Mac users that need to work with their files on their local machine or by connecting to remote servers.

Support for managing files on remote servers

Thus, with the help of Forklift, you can manipulate the files and documents on your Mac’s hard drive or the ones stored on FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, Amazon S3, iDisk, AFP and NIS servers.

Moreover, all the features and tools that Forklift provides you with in order to effortlessly and rapidly manage your local and remote files are made available via an elegant looking and Cocoa based user interface.

Slick styled and OS X integrated interface

The Forklift file manager and remote client is designed to perfectly integrate within the look and feel of OS X, as well as closely follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for a streamlined user experience.

The fact that Forklift is a dual-pane based application helps it to greatly increase one's productivity by providing direct and quick access to two different local or remote file views at a time. Also, because each panel can be configured to display a different view of your files, you can use any of them as a built-in panel for previewing the currently selected file’s contents.

Forklift also includes other cutting-edge features like a live preview tool, spring loaded folders, and synchronized browsing for further speeding up your file managing workflow.

Tab powered powerful and streamlined file managing application

As an added bonus, Forklift enables you to manage your files using multiple tabs at a time, this allowing you to keep your workspace nice and clean while still being able to handle numerous file storage locations and folder structure simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can employ Forklift for effortlessly and swiftly synchronizing your folders between two local or remote target folders, thus eliminating the need of an extra application dedicated to keeping your files and documents in sync.

What’s more, Forklift also features a built-in application deleter designed to help you keep your hard drive clean of left over files after uninstalling applications, a remote editing feature that will automatically upload any changes you’ve made locally to the remote server where the edited file is stored.

Forklift has you covered ever if you are an OS X power user with its Terminal integration that makes it simple to open a new command line interface within any folder and the extensive keyboard shortcuts which make it a cinch to control it without using a mouse.

User-oriented and full featured file manager and remote server client

To sum it all up, if Apple’s Finder just doesn’t cut it for your because of its limited set of features, you might want to give Forklift a quick spin. Forklift is the right choice if you need a dual pane file manager on steroids, capable of helping you manage local and remote files and folders via a user-friendly and efficient user interface.

ForkLift was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
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