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A light, unobtrusive and customizable menulet that enables you to stay focused on the currently used app or selected window and dim out other distractions

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Fokus is a slick and user-oriented Mac OS X application specially designed to help you focus on your work and blur out all interferences.

Stay focused on your work and keep distractions away with ease

Thanks to Fokus you can easily stay focused, boost your productivity and significantly reduce eye strain as you work with one or more applications and Finder windows.

Fokus constantly runs in the background and automatically focuses on the currently selected window and dims out all other background windows and apps. With the focus on the foreground window, you can ignore all other running apps and notifications and take care of your daily tasks.

Adjust the dim level and find the perfect brightness balance between the focused and out of focus area

From Fokus’ status bar menu you have the option to adjust the brightness level of the dimmed area with the help of a slider that you can easily move left or right until you are happy with the brightness level.

On top of that, Fokus enables you to increase or decrease the brightness of the dimmed area using predefined keyboard shortcuts, a fact that allows you to make brightness adjustments without touching the mouse.

Allow Fokus to automatically start at login and take advantages of its auto-focusing system

What is more, Fokus can be configured to automatically start at login and display the Welcome screen. To enable or disable Fokus you just have to click on the status bar icon or use the assigned hot key.

Unfortunately, Fokus does not allow you to customize the global shortcuts and, as a result, you are forced to use the pre-defined ones. If you use the same keyboard shortcuts for other applications, you also have to change them in order to prevent unpleasant situations.

The minimalistic design and nonintrusive behavior makes it easy for you to improve your working experience and speed up your workflow.

Fokus was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
Fokus - From Fokus' status bar menu you can easily adjust the brightness level and access the Preferences window.Fokus - Fokus automatically dims the background and preserver the brightness only on the currently selected window.Fokus - The Preferences window helps you assign new keyboard shortcuts to existing functions.

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