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A small yet very powerful search tool that enables you to perform searches on local disks or network volumes, by applying multiple filters.

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The system wide search system integrated in Mac OS X can help you find files and folders in no time, but does not allow you to set up multiple filters. This can prove to be problematic if you have multiple files that share the same characteristics.

Find Any File is a minimalist Mac app that provides more relevant results in this case, because you have the opportunity to setup multiple filters, and even scan network volumes.

Uncomplicated search tool that can search for data on your local disk, or on network locations

Due to its uncomplicated and functional design, working with Find Any File proves to be quite straightforward. In the app’s main window, from simple drop down menus, you must choose the location you want to search, and define the filters you want to apply.

Find Any File is able to search on all disks, on your local disk, on network volumes, in the Finder selection, or inside a folder. The filters you can define can take into account the file name, modification/creation date, size, labels, if its a folder or an alias, if it is case sensitive, the file path, or the folder name.

Define complex filters in order to obtain relevant results

In addition, Find Any File can also search for package contents, invisible items, trashed content, and more. Depending on the filter type, you get to further refine the results by creating additional rules. Note that you get to define as many filters as you want.

When the search process is over, Find Any File automatically opens a new window where you can browse the results and choose to see or hide items that match different criteria. The window also includes a search bar that enables you to quickly apply a new filter.

Minimalist yet powerful search tool that can apply multiple filters in order to produce accurate results

Find Any File offers you the necessary tools to effortlessly find files and folders without too much trouble. The app allows you to define multiple filters in order to refine the results, and is able to perform searches both on local drives and on network volumes.

Find Any File was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 8th, 2015
Find Any File - In the Find Any File main window you can choose the location you want to scan in order to find specific files.Find Any File - In the Find Any File main window you can easily choose to add multiple rules in order to have more relevant results.Find Any File - screenshot #3Find Any File - In the Find Any File Results window you can choose to see the files in list or hierarchical mode.Find Any File - screenshot #5

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