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A lightweight, yet powerful Preference Pane that offers you control over your Mac's fan speed and helps you change the default base speed

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Fan Control is a simple, clean and very easy-to-use pref pane that enables you to cool down your MacBook / MacBook Pro with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

Manually adjust the base speed of your Mac’s fans

Fan Control is specially designed for MacBook and MacBook Pro models launched between early 2006 and late 2006.

Thanks to Fan Control, you can adjust the minimum fan speed based on the current CPU temperature.

For safety reasons, Fan Control leaves the original automatic fan speed control unmodified, but allows you to enjoy the power and versatility offered by your Mac without worrying about the increasing temperature of the body.

To use Fan Control, you just have to download the light DMG package, mount it, launch the installer and follow the necessary steps to successfully install Fan Control on your Mac. From OS X’s System Preferences window, you can access Fan Control’s pref pane and make the desired adjustments.

Helps you cool down your MacBook or MacBook Pro

Consequently, you can adjust the base speed by dragging the slider anywhere between 1000 RPM and 3500 RPM. On top of that, Fan Control helps you change the lower temperature threshold, as well as the upper temperature threshold according to your preferences.

What is more, Fan Control helps you view the current RPM value for your Mac’s left and right fan, as well as the current temperature. Moreover, Fan Control allows you to switch between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale with ease.

Display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Fan Control also feature a simple and helpful graph that helps you view how the RPM value of your Mac’s fans will change according to the current lower and upper threshold values. Unfortunately, Fan Control is not compatible with newer Mac models and it is not capable to accurately read the temperature from the sensors.

In conclusion, if you have newer Mac models, it is recommended to check out other similar apps or preference panes, which are fully compatible with your model.

Fan Control was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 9th, 2014
Fan Control - Fan Control prefpane helps you adjust the base speed of your Mac's fans and adust the lower and upper temperature threshold.

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