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An intuitive and versatile network bandwidth visualizer that allows you to keep a close eye on the throughput of the Internet or Wi-Fi activities

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PeakHour is a handy OS X menu-bar based utility that enables you to simultaneously monitor the network traffic of various devices in realtime, such as Wi-Fi connected workstations, routers, servers, NAS, and even UPnP or SNMP devices.

Keep a close eye on your bandwidth usage and receive alerts if you are going over your monthly quota

The application displays the numerical values of the download / upload speeds, but also generates an easy to read graph in its system bar panel. This way, you can check at a glance how much bandwidth is each device using, and view their throughput.

Another advantage of using PeakHour is that it can track your Internet usage when you have only a limited allowance per month. As such, it can show you the days and hours left as well as the amount of traffic you have consumed and how much is still available.

Troubleshoot slow internet connections by analyzing your traffic

In addition to this, you can use the PeakHour app to troubleshoot slow connections by checking which device consumes the most traffic. After learning the traffic usage of each, you can make modifications accordingly using 3rd party apps.

As far as preferences are concerned, PeakHour is quite generous. In its preferences window, you can configure the targets (Internet cable, Wi-Fi, ADSL or NAS) and configure bandwidth options, such as the maximum inbound and outbound bandwidth.

Versatile software solution for monitoring internet traffic for various types of devices connected to your network

Furthermore, before purchasing PeakHour, you are advised to download the PeakHour Compatibility Check application, which is free on the Mac App Store, to verify whether PeakHour supports your device, especially when dealing with UPnP-enabled and SNMP-enabled devices.

In a nutshell, PeakHour is a handy application that will help you monitor bandwidth usage and troubleshoot any slow connections. It is easy to set up and the traffic information is intuitively displayed into a customizable menu bar panel.

PeakHour was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
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