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A streamlined and user-friendly OS X software solution that can receive the hand drawings created with an Equil pen on a physical notebook

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Equil Note is a Mac OS X application which enables you to send the drawings created with your Equil JOT pen to your Mac or just to create digital drawings from scratch using a basic set of editing tools and send it to other devices. Moreover, it offers support for Dropbox and iCloud syncing.

The Equil Note utility provides several common drawing tools and a beautiful user interface. To the left of the main window, you can show / hide sidebars for accessing your Dropbox drawings and the different pages. The main drawing area is comprised of a toolbar and the canvas area.

Some of the most important tools you have at your disposal include text insertion, pen, brush and highlighter, changing color, stroke width, eraser, inserting images and changing background and zooming in / out. Moreover, you can assign tags to each drawing from a separate Tag panel.

As mentioned before, Equil Note is actually the Mac OS X companion for the Equil JOT pen, a nifty gadget that can transpose what you are writing on a physical notebook to a software program on your iOS or Mac OS X device. The communication with OS X is accomplished through the Equil Note app.

The Equil JOT menu allows you to connect your Equil pen via Bluetooth. In addition to this, you can also use an option to calibrate the pen with a single click. Note that you will not be able to save the drawings to your hard disk, so, using Equil Note, without an Equil pen, as a simple paint app, might not be a great idea.

Taking everything into consideration, Equil Note can definitely help you create beautiful drawings, sketches and paintings using your Equil pen. It provides a good set of drawing tools, support for tags and integration with Dropbox.

Equil Note was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 12th, 2015
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