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A simple, clean and unobtrusive menulet that enables you to quickly and easily view the song and artist name of the song played in iTunes

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We all listen to music or radio while working or playing and we also like to know what song is played without having pop-up notification windows appear all over our screen. If you find Growl or Mac OS X’s notification system too distracting, then Emcee might be the application you need.

Emcee is a lightweight and discreet application that promises to help you view the artist and song title of the currently played song in iTunes without having notification bubbles invading your working space. Emcee is designed to display all relevant information in your Mac’s status bar. On top of that, the displayed info does not scroll in order to avoid distracting you from your work.

What is more, Emcee enables you to play or pause a track and even rate it directly from Emcee’ status bar menu. In addition, you can copy the title to your Mac’s clipboard or search it with Google with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Thanks to the built-in progress bar you can also view how much of the song has been played and even jump to the desired position in the track. In other words, you can forget about opening iTunes’ main window and stay in control of your playlist straight from your Mac’s menu bar.

In the rare cases when there is not enough space in the status bar to display the entire name of the artist and the song, Emcee will show only the title of the song. Moreover, Emcee is capable to display the artist and the title of the songs streamed by various radio stations.

If you need a practical and low-key application that can help you control iTunes, rate your songs and view the title and the artist of the currently played song, then Emcee is the perfect choice for you.

Emcee was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 4th, 2015
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