EasyCapViewer for Mac0.6.2

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A lightweight, low latency, high performance driver application that was developed in order to provide Mac OS X support for the EasyCap DC60/002 device






EasyCapViewer is a lightweight tool that was developed in order to help you use your EasyCap DC60/002 device on the Mac platform.

EasyCapViewer includes full support for audio as well as video rendering, complete with low latency features.

Furthermore, EasyCapViewer adds support for multiple formats such as SECAM, NTSC and PAL, while also working with S-Video and Composite input.

In addition, EasyCapViewer also allows you to record movies in the popular MOV format, as well as adjust brightness, color, tint and contrast.

Beside that, it includes multiple de-interlacing options suitable for customizing the selected video files. EasyCapViewer uses OpenGL display in order to provide the best performance for the available videos.

Moreover, it includes complete support for anamorphic widescreen as well as other aspect ratios. If needed, you can also crop any of the available videos.

In the Configure Device window you can enter the desired format, deinterlace option and the available source. You can also choose to customize the contrast, color, and tint values if you want to.

In the same window you can change the audio source, with an option to upconvert from mono, if available, based on the chosen input file. You can also choose to customize the current volume, if needed.

Recording with EasyCapViewer is also very easy, you just need to select Start Recording from the file menu and then start the recording process. If the recorded video occasionally stutters, you can use the Motion JPEG codec and lower the video quality.
Last updated on April 9th, 2013
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