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An unobtrusive status bar menu application for Mac OS X designed to improve your workflow by providing quick access to frequently used folders or actions.

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Optimizing the way in which you are handling frequently used tools or performing repetitive tasks, has the potential of greatly improving your productivity level. Dropzone provides a minimalist solution for moving files to specific locations or launching applications in no time.

Effortlessly send files to frequently used folders, or to certain applications

Upon launch, Dropzone places a small panel in your status bar in which the app’s capabilities are organized by type: Folders/Apps, and actions. The same panel includes a “Drop Bar” area where you can stash files or folders for later use.

By default, you can employ Dropzone to open applications, or to move or copy files to previously setup locations. In addition, the utility comes with a collection of “actions”, such as the capability to update your Facebook status, to send a tweet, to upload images to your Imgur account, to save or share text, to upload items to a FTP server, and so on.

Seamlessly extend the Dropzone capability by creating your own actions

If the Dropzone features do not match your own needs, you can navigate to the developer’s website and download any of the installable actions available free of charge.

However, within the application, you can also develop your own actions: start by setting up a name, a description, the author’s name, and the target URL. Each action can support drag and click events, can handle text content or files, and can run sandboxed.

This information will be used to create the metadata for a new action: the code can be easily edited using a text processor, and then you can test the action via the Dropzone Debug Console.

Efficient applications and actions launcher that can streamline repetitive tasks

Dropzone provides both intuitive and productive solutions when it comes to dealing with certain repetitive tasks: you can quickly move or copy files to specific folders, you can launch applications, or you can perform simple tasks that are featuring drag and drop actions, or handling text content.

The best part is that Dropzone allows you to create and code custom actions, which can then be integrated within your workflow or shared with others.

Dropzone was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 4th, 2015
Dropzone - From the Dropzone's status bar menu, users can easily manipulate their files using a set of custom action sets.Dropzone - Dropzone's Circles menu enables users to quickly add their files to various automatic workflows via drag and drop.Dropzone - In the Destinations tab of the Preferences window, one can quickly add and edit new automation workflows to the list of pre-defined ones.Dropzone - screenshot #4Dropzone - screenshot #5

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