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A highly specialized and user-friendly application specially designed for professionals in the petroleum industry that need to perform specific calculations

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A streamlined and powerful utility for drilling engineers, chemists, students, drillers, tool pushers and other professionals from the petroleum industry that need a versatile and comprehensive application capable to help in the drilling process of oil wells.

Drilling Hydraulics enables you to perform hydraulics calculations, optimize the penetration rate and decide which types of bit nozzles are better for the job. Hence, you can define the parameters of the well, drill bit and strings, mud pumps, diameter and coefficient of choke, circulation lines and more.

What is more, you can choose the rheological models (power and Bingham), calculate the hydraulics on drill bit and system friction, determine the frictional loss in all sections and view the velocity, length, Reynolds number and flow regime in each section.

Drilling Hydraulics also helps you perform hydrostatic calculations at the bottom hole and the casing/liner shoe with TVD. You can even calculate the ECD on the bottom hole along with the casing/liner shoe with TVD.

Moreover, Drilling Hydraulics offers you the possibility to select Qty and size of the jet nozzles and drill bit. You can also calculate the capacity and volume for all sections and make directional basics hydrostatic calculations.

In addition, Drilling Hydraulics comes with support for numerous measurement units and allows you to choose between Metric, SI, Field 1 (Imperial) and Field 2 (mix) system. On top of that, Drilling Hydraulics fully integrates with iCloud and allows you to load and save data on your Mac’s hard disk or iCloud.

By accessing the File menu, you can easily load the default well, open or save data files, access iCloud storage and import data from other applications such as Kick Tolerance and Well Control Methods.

All in all, Drilling Hydraulics is an extensive and user-oriented application that offers a wide variety of tools and features that can be used in the drilling of oil wells.

Drilling Hydraulics was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 11th, 2014
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