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A simple application that enables you to create, edit and evaluate complex mathematical formulas that include, functions, constants and other parameters.

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Working with complex mathematical formulas in digital form usually requires learning some kind of syntax. DragNMath takes a new approach to the matter by combining the capabilities of a formula editor with the properties of a calculator.

As a result, you can write down functions and expressions like you would do on paper simply by pressing different buttons organized by category: standard or miscellaneous functions and constants. What’s more, DragNMath enables the user to set up its own constants and functions.

Note that DragNMath might not work properly on Mavericks, but also take into account that the application does not open any window on its own: you must launch the app and then manually start a new project.

The DragNMath project window is separated in two panels: the input, functions and variables lists and the actual working area which includes the calculator and functions editor tabs.

Working with DragNMath is as easy as drag and drop since all you have to do is drag the functions and variables you want to use in the calculator or functions editor panels. At the same time, when the calculations are done, the calculator area is split in two in order to make room for the plotted graph.

Adding certain elements to your formula can be rather challenging in the beginning, but once you learn where you have to drop the item to have it added everything goes quite smoothly. What’s more, you can also rearrange the expression through the same drag and drop actions.

Although you can save your project as a .nua file and work on it later, DragNMath does not provide support for using the created mathematical expressions or the results with other apps. However, to learn more about that you can do with DragNMath you can read the included Help documentation.

DragNMath was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 11th, 2013
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