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A powerful and user-oriented recovery tool that enables you to diagnose, backup, repair and fix the most common issues with various memory cards

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Digital Media Doctor is a trustworthy Mac OS X application specially designed for novice and experienced photographers concerned with the reliability and performance of their memory card.

Scan your memory cards for problems and test their performance

Digital Media Doctor features a simple and user-oriented interface from which you can easily diagnose, benchmark and repair your storage cards. What is more, Digital Media Doctor is compatible with all digital camera formats, from point-and-shoot and DSLR to medium format cameras.

With the help of the state of the art algorithms, Digital Media Doctor enables you to test, benchmark and generate reports on almost all existing types of storage mediums.

Hence, you can analyze your storage cards, determine their integrity and fix the most common problems that might occur.

Backup and restore data from your memory cards

You can use Digital Media Doctor with USB, FireWire or any other card readers and diagnose removable digital media from digital cameras, camcorders, multimedia players and other similar devices.

From Digital Media Doctor’s main window, you can view a list with all detected devices and obtain relevant information about the available space, name of the storage card, firmware version if available and more.

Securely wipe or format your cards with just a couple of mouse clicks

The top toolbar helps you perform various types of benchmark tests to determine the read and write speed, diagnose existing issues and try different repair operations. Thus, you can backup, wipe, format and restore your card if necessary and check the Report window to view the results of the previously performed tests.

Moreover, Digital Media Doctor allows you to customize each test or benchmark and adjust the size of the read and write blocks and limit the size of the data used for the currently selected task.

Digital Media Doctor was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
Digital Media Doctor - From Digital Media Doctor's main window, you can select the storage device you want to repair, diagnose or benchmark.Digital Media Doctor - You can choose one or more diagnostics operations to perform on the selected drive.Digital Media Doctor - screenshot #3Digital Media Doctor - screenshot #4Digital Media Doctor - The Repair window helps you backup, wipe, format and restore a drive with a couple of mouse clicks.Digital Media Doctor - screenshot #6Digital Media Doctor - screenshot #7

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