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A simple and easy-to-use application specially made to display on your Mac's desktop the lyrics of the currently playing song in iTunes

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DesktopLyrics is a lightweight Mac OS X application that enables you to view on your desktop the lyrics of the songs you are playing in iTunes.

Helps you display song lyrics on your Mac’s desktop

In addition to displaying the lyrics of the currently played song, DesktopLyrics is also capable to show detailed information about the song, such as artist and album name, song title, rating, composer name, release year and music genre, as well as the album cover art.

Moreover, you have the option to customize DesktopLyrics and display only the information you are interested in and using the desired font, size, color and shadow for the lyrics and the song information.

These customization options make it easy for you to match the style of the displayed info and lyrics with your desktop picture.

Highly customizable user interface and numerous sharing options

What is more, DesktopLyrics is capable to work with multi page lyrics and automatically flip pages as the song plays. If the played song does not feature any lyrics, DesktopLyrics offers you information about how to obtain lyrics or it can show only the song info.

DesktopLyrics’ status bar menu helps you toggle the lyrics visibility, enable or disable the presentation mode, turn the lyrics pages, search for missing lyrics and even share the lyrics via Mail, Facebook, Twitter or Messages.

Assign your own hot keys and effortlessly control DesktopLyrics

Furthermore, DesktopLyrics allows you to enable and assign keyboard shortcuts for most of the options present in the status bar menu. Hence, you can hide or show lyrics, turn pages and search for lyrics with just a few keystrokes.

More experience users will be happy to know that they can use a Python script to arbitrarily transform the displayed lyrics in order to cleanup, prettify, translate or eve to grab them if missing.

Casual users can change the font type and color, as well as size, line spacing and lyrics background with ease directly from DesktopLyrics’ Preferences window.

DesktopLyrics was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
DesktopLyrics - Thanks to DesktopLyrics you can view and read the lyrics of the currently played song.DesktopLyrics - By accessing DesktopLyrics' status bar menu, you can search and share lyrics with ease.DesktopLyrics - screenshot #3DesktopLyrics - The Preferences window helps you customize DesktopLyrics' behavior and appearance.DesktopLyrics - screenshot #5

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