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An open source and handy tool that allows users to view and analyze data received from various measurement and data-logger devices






DataExplorer is an open source and streamlined tool that helps you capture, view and measure received data. Devices might be data-logger, measurement devices, charging devices or similar.

For serial communication under Java, the DataExplorer is using the free implementation of the RXTXComm packages. THE GUI is based on Eclipse.

The following devices are available as plug-in:
· AkkuMasterC4 (Htronic) - 4 outlet battery charger/discharger
· Picolario (Renschler) - variometer
· UniLog (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device
· UniLog2 (SM-Modellbau) multi - measurement device
· LiPoWatch (SM-Modellbau) - LiPo saver, cell voltage measurement
· HoTTAdapter (Graupner) Receiver-, Vario-, GPS-, General-, Electric-Sensor-Module
· eStation BC6, BC610, BC8, 902 (Bantam) charger/discharger
· Pichler P6 , P60 (Pichler) and other eStation BC6 clones charger/discharger
· VC820, VC840 (Conrad/VoltCraft) multimeter
· CSV2SerialAdapter, import of configurable CVS data files
· DataVario, DataVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
· LinkVario, LinkVarioDuo (WStech) variometer, GPS, multi measurement device
· QC-Copter/QuadroControl (tt-tronix) control unit
· GPS-Logger (SM-Modellbau) - GPS, multi measurement device
· NMEA-Adapter (diverse) - GPS track analyzer
· Ultramat12 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultramat16 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultramat16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultramat18 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Duo Plus 40 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Duo Plus 45 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Duo Plus 50 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Duo Plus 60 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Trio Plus 14 (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Ultra Trio Plus 16S (Graupner) charger/discharger
· Simulator test plug-in
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
DataExplorer - Here you can select devices and configure ports.DataExplorer - Device selection window.DataExplorer - Cell voltage can be chosen in this menu.DataExplorer - One can also add file comment.DataExplorer - Here you can start device information gathering.DataExplorer - screenshot #6DataExplorer - screenshot #7DataExplorer - screenshot #8DataExplorer - screenshot #9

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