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A handy and user-oriented utility that provides the tools required to compare and synchronize two folders with just a couple of mouse clicks

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DSync is a lightweight and very easy-to-use Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to compare two folders before synchronizing the changes.

Helps you compare and synchronize the content of two folders

DSync comes with a simple and intuitive interface from which you can easily select the two directories for comparison.

Once loaded, DSync offers you the option to compare and synchronize the two folders with just a click of a mouse button.

The differences between the two folders are marked with green and blue color depending on the path of the missing items.

Synchronize changes only in one way or update both folders with ease

By enabling the “Asymmetric” synchronization option, you will be able to perform one-way synchronization by transferring missing files from the folder loaded in the left panel to the folder loaded in the right panel.

Hence, if files are present in the targeted folder but are missing from the source folder, DSync will not synchronize these files. Fortunately you’ll be able to spot these files thanks to DSync’s color coding system that marks them with the red color.

Easily check the file creation date and size on disk

Moreover, DSync allows you to include sub-folders in the comparison and synchronization process. Alongside the loaded files and folders, you will be able view their filename, size on disk and creation/modification date.

Unfortunately, DSync is not capable to synchronize files that have different modification dates and update the oldest file. This might prove to be a major inconvenience for more advanced users such application developers.

Also, we would have appreciated DSync even more if it had the ability to remember the path of the recently synchronized folders in order to make it easier for the user to switch between folders without wasting time browsing for the folders that need to be compared.

All in all, DSync might prove to be a handy application if you work with pictures, videos or other files that are not usually modified. Hopefully, future updates will improve DSync’s comparison and synchronization engine and gain the ability to synchronize modified files as well.

DSync was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
DSync - From DSync's main window you have the option to compare and synchronize two folders.DSync - By enabling the "Asymmetric" function you can force to synchronize the files only in one direction.

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