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D-Link is an international company specialized in making various wireless surveillance cameras for both small offices and your home.

D-Link Camera Viewer is a native Mac OS X application to easily monitor numerous IP D-Link camera models. Probably the most important feature is that any number of cameras can be monitored at the same time.

D-Link Camera Viewer features a minimalistic window that lists all the IP cameras you’ve added. It also allows you to select which connected cameras you want to monitor.

Furthermore, D-Link Camera Viewer includes a simple window where you can view the live video captured by your camera in realtime. Another advantage of using D-Link Camera Viewer is that it does not require ActiveX or Java.

Tens of D-Link camera models are supported, such as D-Link DCS-2000, D-Link DCS-3710, D-Link DCS-900, D-Link DCS-930 L and many more.

All in all, D-Link Camera Viewer is a nice little tool that helps you monitor multiple surveillance cameras with almost zero configuration.
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Last updated on May 20th, 2015
D-Link Camera Viewer

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A lightweight and easy-to-use Mac OS X utility that allows you to monitor multiple IP D-Link camera streams from the comfort of your Mac


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