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A lightweight, unobtrusive and very easy-to-use menulet that enables you to gain access to your Mac's clipboard history and reuse previously copied items

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Copy'em Paste is a unobtrusive and powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to streamline your workflow and save precious time by automatically collecting all your clippings.

Instantly gain access to previously copied text, files and folders

Copy'em Paste is designed to run in the background and constantly monitor the data copied to your Mac’s clipboard. With Copy'em Paste’s help, you can reuse previously copied text, images, files and documents with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Thanks to Copy'em Paste you no longer have to switch back and forth between application windows in order to gain access to the needed data. Moreover, you can mark your favorite clippings with a star and filter the displayed items with ease.

Easily find the needed clippings and organize them into custom lists

The build-in search form helps you to instantly find the needed clipping while Copy'em Paste’s filtering capabilities enable you to hide or show only favorite clippings, clippings from certain apps. You also have the option to view text, image, files and folders or links only clippings and create lists with the content from your Mac’s clipboard.

What is more, Copy'em Paste offers you the option to take screenshots of your desktop or only of any given window and keep it in your clippings list. On top of that, Copy'em Paste helps you change the format of the copied text, remove whitespaces and append or prepend text.

Take advantage of the Auto-paste function and speed up your workflow

Copy'em Paste also comes with a lightweight and helpful application helper that add the “Auto-paste” functionality to the app. Consequently, you can select and paste clippings in a single step without using the well-known keyboard shortcuts. The helper is freely available for download HERE and it only requires a couple of minutes to install.

To sum up, Copy'em Paste is a versatile and practical clipboard manager that can significantly improve your productivity, especially if you need to constantly work with numerous clippings.

Copy'em Paste was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 7th, 2015
Copy'em Paste - From Copy'em Paste's main window you can view and access the history of your Mac's clipboardCopy'em Paste - Copy'em Paste also helps you take screenshots of your desktop or of the currently selected window.Copy'em PasteCopy'em Paste - The Preferences drop-down menu helps you configure Copy'em Paste and assign new keyboard shortcuts.

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