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Personalized movie database combined with a video collection manager designed to give users the option to organize video collections, rate movies or add them to a wishlist for future watching

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Most of us, even if we do not spend hours each day watching countless movies, find them to be entertaining and enjoy them from time to time. If you are an enthusiast, however, may wish you had a way to organize titles and find new ones based on your preferences.

Coollector Movie Database is a tool well-suited for this job, as it allows you to categorize the discs you own, create wishlists and search for movies that match certain criteria. It comes equipped with an extensive database that is updated frequently, so that you do not have to add each title manually.

Provides recommendations based on your past ratings

Quite often, we find ourselves not knowing which movie we should watch next, despite the plethora of available titles. When searching through such an extensive database, finding the ones we are interested in is not a simple task.

This is something Coollector Movie Database can help you with, as the movie recommendations it offers are based on how much you've liked or disliked other titles you have watched in the past.

The application also provides a broad range of filters, making it possible to narrow down the results until you are left with titles that match your preferences.

Useful app for keeping a detailed inventory of the movies you own

You can use this utility to catalog your entire DVD and Blu-ray collection while also including video files on your Mac. These are scanned automatically and imported to the database.

With the help of this app, you will always know which discs you own, where they are located and whether they have been loaned to other people.

Powerful application that offers single and dual-panel modes

Normally, the panel that contains the movie list and the one that provides detailed movie info are displayed at the same time, but you can choose to stretch them across the entire screen and switch between them using your Mac's arrow keys.

However, Coollector Movie Database does feature a rather cluttered and outdated interface, which some users might find difficult to navigate.

Overall, this is a useful OS X application, designed with movie lovers in mind, that can help you organize the discs you own and find new movies to watch, based on your previous ratings.

Coollector Movie Database was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
Coollector Movie Database - From the main window, you can browse a database of over 100.000 movies and add them to your collection.Coollector Movie Database - You can view all sorts of details about a selected movie, such as actors, run time, director, etc.Coollector Movie Database - By clicking on an actor, you can view all his work and ratings.Coollector Movie Database - screenshot #4Coollector Movie Database - screenshot #5

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