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A lightweight, well-designed and intuitive utility specially designed to help you gain more control over your Mac from within a small slide panel

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Control Center is a light, powerful and highly customizable Mac OS X application that promises to help you control your computer with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Control your Mac from within an iOS-like Control Center sliding panel

Control Center comes with a personalizable interface heavily inspired by iOS 7’s Control Center design and functionality. Consequently, you can enable or disable the WiFi and Bluetooth, adjust the sound or brightness level, control iTunes or Spotify, access various time tracking function and more.

Control Center can be configured to slide from the left or right side of your Mac’s screen or from the bottom left, as well as bottom right. The top toolbar provides you access to the Boot Disk, Sleep Disabler, WiFi, Bluetooth and the Volume/Brightness adjuster.

Quickly enable or disable the WiFi or Bluetooth and adjust the sound or brightness of your display

As expected, the Sleep Disabler helps you prevent your Mac from going into Sleep mode for any given period of time while the Bluetooth and WiFi buttons allow you to enable or disable them easily. You can choose between the Brightness or Volume function via the Preferences window but, you cannot have them both at the same time.

From the bottom toolbar you can gain control over iTunes or Spotify, access the Clock functions and open the System Monitor panel that provides relevant data about your CPU usage, RAM Load and Network activity.

Effortlessly take notes, track time and setup alarms

On top of that, Control Center comes with a built-in note manger that you can use to write down notes, organize and handle them. At the same time, the Clock panel helps you view the time for multiple locations at the same time, setup alarms, use timers and countdowns.

There is also a “Tweaks” function that enables you to control the Finder, System and Services. Unfortunately, when this function is accessed, the app freezes and no longer responds to any command.

It is worth mentioning that you should keep enabled at least one function from the top toolbar if you want to use any other feature in the future, otherwise, the top toolbar collapses behind the CPU activity graph and becomes unavailable.

We were also disappointed by the fact that Control Center is not able to store and reuse any of your settings or preferences between usage sessions, with the exception of the keyboard shortcut. Hopefully, all these issues will be fixed in future updates.

Control Center was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 13th, 2014
Control Center - From Control Center's main window you can control iTunes, adjust the sound volume and brightness level.Control Center - The Sleep Disabler tab enables you to prevent your Mac from sleeping for a given amount of time.Control Center - By accessing the System Monitor tab, you can monitor the CPU usage and RAM load.Control Center - screenshot #4Control Center - screenshot #5Control Center - screenshot #6Control Center - screenshot #7Control Center - screenshot #8

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