Contacts Sync For Google Gmail for Mac5.1.0

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A versatile OS X menu bar utility designed to copy your Apple contacts (address book, iCloud or Exchange) to your Gmail account and vice versa

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Contacts Sync For Google Gmail is a well-rounded Mac OS X application which enables you to effortlessly sync your Mac contacts with your GMail account. The procedure is fast and painless and the sync can be 2-way or 1-way (e.g.  GMail to Mac or Mac to GMail).

You have the freedom to choose which Mac contact accounts you want to synchronize, i.e the local address book, Exchange account or iCloud account. Moreover, the GMail contacts are, of course, your Google contacts, accessed via

The application can automatically sync contacts, but it also allows you to do it manually. Moreover, it lets you view the sync status and delete contacts, as well as to select which contacts to sync from a clean user interface. The window displays the contact names and photos.

In addition to individual contacts, the app can also sync contact groups from your Google account to your Apple Contacts. This way, the utility can be regarded as a reliable and easy-to-use tool to back-up GMail or Apple contacts.

More bonus options include the ability to merge identical contacts if the case may be, sync deleted contacts as well, sync up to 10.000 contacts at once, sync all details of a contacts (including events, anniversaries, departments, job titles, social profiles, etc.) and a prompter to alert you about the changes you are about to make.

Furthermore, Contacts Sync For Google Gmail features a menu bar item where you can quickly access basic commands, such as viewing sync status, start syncing 1-way, 2-way or manually, setup automatic sync, delete contacts, setup GMail account and access the settings.

To conclude, Contacts Sync For Google Gmail does a great job at keeping your Apple and Google contacts in sync. It supports many filters, automatic and manual sync, as well as 2-way sync. On top of that, it makes sure your contact lists remain clean and organized.

Contacts Sync For Google Gmail was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on September 14th, 2014
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