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OS X tool designed to help you synchronize your Contacts, Reminders and Calendar entries to your DejaOffice mobile application, on your iOS or Android device






CompanionLink is a Mac OS X application designed to help you synchronize your contacts, calendar events, and reminders between your desktop computer and your Android or iOS devices.

However, keep in mind that you need to have the DejaOffice mobile application installed on your phone, and that the data will not be transferred to the default contacts and reminder apps, but to the DejaOffice app.

In addition, you must make sure that you have a valid DejaCloud account, which can be obtained free of charge. Note that CompanionLink offers you the possibility to sync your data via the DejaConnect USB, by using the DejaCloud, or through your local WiFi.

Nonetheless, during our test, we have noticed that CompanionLink tries to connect to the DejaCloud account even when you want to employ the local Wi-Fi sync function, which means that all your data has to pass through the cloud to become accessible on your mobile device.

Moreover, CompanionLink can also sync with Goggle Calendar, Tasks and Contacts, and bring all you data to the same place.
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
CompanionLink - The CompanionLink main window where you can choose the type of device to which you want to synchronize your Mac dataCompanionLink - The CompanionLink drop down menus enable you to select the synchronization method you want to useCompanionLink - The CompanionLink connection settings panel where you can pair your Mac with the mobile device to which you want to sync the dataCompanionLink - The CompanionLink main window where you must specify the contact manager you are currently using on your computerCompanionLink - The CompanionLink Preferences window where you can choose which type of data you want to sync to your mobile deviceCompanionLink - The Calendar panel offers you the possibility to choose the Apple Calendars you want to sync to the phoneCompanionLink - The Tasks panel enables you to select the reminders lists you want to send to your phoneCompanionLink - CompanionLink also integrates an auto synchronization functions that can be activated at all timesCompanionLink - The CompanionLink CL Debug panel allows you to quickly access the app's log files and analyze the utility's behaviorCompanionLink - The CompanionLink app displays confirmations messages when the sync process is over and let's you know how many contacts, calendars, and reminders have been moved

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