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A reliable Mac OS X utility that enables you to quickly and easily organize hundreds of random files in any of your folders with a simple click

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Manually sorting files and folders implies performing highly repetitive and tedious actions that, most importantly, can be avoided.

Folder Tidy is a very handy Mac OS X utility that helps you organize messy folders, such as the Desktop, or the default download directory,  into multiple subfolders by categories.

Minimalist folder organizer that you can setup in no time

In the Folder Tidy main window, you get to choose both the source and the target folder. After you've selected the two directories and pressed on the "Tidy" button, the app will start sorting the files: the output folder will contain the organized version.

By default, your files are classified in the following sub-folders: Source Code, Applications, Pictures, Movies, Music, PDF, Presentations, Spreadsheets, Word Processing, Archives, Disk Images, Web Locations, Text Clippings, Documents, Folders and Aliases.

Create custom file categories that better match your needs

Furthermore, you can also add your own categories (in addition to the default ones) by using a rule creation system. Another important option is the ability to filter out certain files or folders: just add them to the Ignore tab included in the Preferences window.

Folder Tidy also comes with a few other options, such the ability to hide all other windows when the clean up takes place, to tidy files inside subfolders, or clean empty folders.

Unsophisticated folder management solution that can keep your desktop clean

After the tidying up process has finished, you can browse the source folder and assess the results. If you're unhappy with the new structure of your files, you can undo the whole process by clicking on a simple button.

Folder Tidy was designed for users who usually cluster their desktop or any other folder by frequently downloading or dragging files to these locations.

Folder Tidy was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
Folder Tidy - The Folder Tidy main window where you must specify the folder you want to tidy up and the output folderFolder Tidy - The Folder Tidy displays a confirmation message when the procedure is complete and offers you the possibility to quickly open the output folderFolder Tidy - The Folder Tidy Preferences window offers you the possibility to create your own rules when it comes to organizing the folder's contentFolder Tidy - screenshot #4Folder Tidy - screenshot #5

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