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An easy to use electronic notebook application for MAC OS X that offers you the tools to organize photos, documents, emails and more.

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Classical styled notebooks are great if you want to store all the details related to a certain project in the same place. NoteBook is a Mac app that enables you to create digital notebooks where you can store notes, images, audio content, and much more.

Provides a digital notebook version for your projects

Since NoteBook is sporting a “familiar” looking interface, you will have no issues finding your way around the application. At the same time, the intuitive workflow allows you to create detailed notes for your projects in no time.

The NoteBook main window resembles a classical notebook, except that the main toolbar includes buttons for most frequently used functions. You can employ the toolbar shortcuts to navigate your entries, to change the view mode, to record audio notes, to draw shapes or lines, to highlight certain areas, to add keywords, and much more.

For your convenience, NoteBook also enables you to add images to your entries: this way, it will include all the data related to a certain project. Last but not least, the application includes basic tools when it comes to text processing.

Quickly navigate your projects

NoteBook comes with a Contents panel where you can browse your entries by type: you can view the ones that need work, the ones you have delegated to other, and the ones you have completed.

Moreover, NoteBook includes a Multidex section where you get to find entries by looking some of the words that might be included in the text body. This is great for finding notes about specific subjects.

Unsophisticated digital notebook that has a familiar design and basic text editing functions

NoteBook proposes classic solutions for your note taking needs: besides the fact that it can store and process text content, the application can record audio tracks, allows you to include pictures, and comes with efficient navigation tools.

NoteBook was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 20th, 2015
NoteBook - From NoteBook's main window you will be able to write down notes or organize your to-do list.NoteBook - The File menu helps you import various files or camera snapshots into your notes.NoteBook - By accessing the Edit menu, you can easily insert a date, a time or date and time stamp.NoteBook - screenshot #4NoteBook - screenshot #5NoteBook - screenshot #6NoteBook - screenshot #7NoteBook - screenshot #8NoteBook - screenshot #9NoteBook - screenshot #10NoteBook - screenshot #11NoteBook - screenshot #12NoteBook - screenshot #13NoteBook - screenshot #14NoteBook - screenshot #15

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