ChronoSync 4.5.5 / 4.6.0d14 Preview

Customizable synchronization and backup solution that is able to automatically copy data between various volumes, or to create bootable backups.

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What's new in ChronoSync 4.6.0d14 Preview:

  • SmartScan - Sync and backup performance jumps to a whole new level with SmartScan, an advanced algorithm for analyzing a volume for changes. File system analysis can often be the most time consuming part of a synchronization or backup. While SmartScan won't copy your files any faster, detecting which ones need to be copied can see dramatic speed improvements. Depending on your usage patterns, you can see improvements ranging from 1x to 50x faster. SmartScan works across ChronoAgent connections too, so remote syncs and backups can see enormous speed gains!
  • Checksum Data Verification - The Data Verification feature now employs checksum-based validation when copying files to a remote computer via a ChronoAgent connection. This results in significant performance increases because the data does not have to to be read back from the remote computer. Slower connections benefit more, so this is a huge advantage for internet based synchronizations! Works with ChronoAgent v1.4.1 and later.
  • Modernized Memory Management - ChronoSync 4.6 utilizes modernized memory management techniques that result in consistent performance improvements between 7-10% for typical sync operations.
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ChronoSync - In the main window of the application you can choose the folders/targets to sync.ChronoSync - Options tab where you can customize the application preferences.ChronoSync - You can also set multiple rules, based on the selected files and chosen operations.ChronoSyncChronoSyncChronoSyncChronoSyncChronoSyncChronoSyncChronoSync
Storage disks usually fail, sooner or later, so creating backups for your important files and folders on multiple locations is highly advisable.

ChronoSync is a Mac OS X utility that is able to backup data, synchronize files between devices, or create bootable backups (suitable for backing up entire operating systems).

Effortless to setup synchronization and backup utility featuring a clean and organized design

Finding your way around the ChronoSync main window is fairly intuitive: start by setting up the source and target volumes, and then select the synchronization method and direction from the drop down menu placed in the center of the configuration panel.  ChronoSync is able to work with most volumes connected to your Mac.

Note that you have to synchronize files if you want to have access to them on more than one device: that means that ChronoSync will automatically copy the changes between the two volumes. Backups, on the other hand, represent a one direction transfer from the source folder to the backup storage location.

Enables you to backup entire operating systems or drives by creating bootable backups

ChronoSync is capable to create a bootable backup of your system on an external drive, or on another internal disk: this way, you will have an exact replica of your system that can be run immediately in case your primary installation breaks down. In addition, ChronoSync also allows you to store the bootable backup on a remote network location.

On top of all the data handling rules that can be personalized via the ChronoSync panels, the application also enables you to schedule specific tasks. This way you can make sure that your data is backed up or synchronized periodically.

Reliable solution for backing up information and synchronizing data between multiple locations

ChronoSync provides versatile solutions for setting up backup and transfer rules between various drives connected to your network. This way you can work on the same files on multiple devices, or backup important documents on more than one volume.

ChronoSync was reviewed by , last updated on March 3rd, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)


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