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Streamlined and intuitive OS X application designed to help you monitor your Mac's health and behavior in a straightforward and simple manner

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Keeping a close eye on your Mac’s resources is highly recommended in order to make sure your computers is providing the best performance possible. xScan is a stylish and unobtrusive app that can analyze your machine and provide relevant information.

Effortless to install system analyzer featuring a user friendly design

To be able to open the xScan application you must move it to your Applications folder beforehand. Upon launch, xScan places a small bar on the right side or your screen where you can access any of its tools, view your alerts, or access the preferences.

Most of the included functionalities are quite self explanatory so all you have to do is explore the app to see all that is has to offer. Noteworthy is the Alerts area where you can view useful information designed to help you improve your Mac’s performance: you can see if the free RAM level is too low, if your Trash folder is too big, and so on.

Streamlined solution for extracting details about your Mac’s performance

By selecting any of the icons included in the xScan bar, you will be opening new panels that contain details about your Mac model, the processors usage level, the RAM memory, about your disks, about your network activity, active processes, or supported operating systems.

Furthermore, xScan is able able to read data provided by your Mac’s sensors. As a result, you will be able to identify the components that might have problems. Within the xScan Preferences window you can easily change the bar placement, adjust its transparency level, or enable the email alert service.

Simple yet powerful solution for monitoring your Mac’s performance

xScan proposes simple but highly efficient tools for visualizing details about your Mac’s model and resources usage without interrupting your work. The best part is that xScan comes with an alert system that will let you know if there are any issues.

xScan was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 4th, 2015
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