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Helps you to effortlessly share and synchronize your iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and CalDAV calendars with others Macs and iOS devices

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BusyCal is a well-designed and user-oriented Mac OS X application that comes as an alternative to Apple’s Calendar app and which offers numerous reliable time-saving features.

Keep your data synchronized across devices and services

With BusyCal’s help, you can quickly and easily share and synchronize your iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar and CalDAV calendars with other Macs and iOS devices.

What is more, BusyCal offers customizable calendar views, scrolling week and month views along with a handy Info panel that makes it easy to view and edit events. Thanks to BusyCal you can also keep track of your daily tasks, check the weather feeds and moon phases.

Furthermore, BusyCal comes with a practical menu bar icon that enables you to quickly view the current day’s events and weather.

Change the calendar view mode and filter the displayed events and reminders

From BusyCal’s main window you can switch between the Day, Week, Month, Year or List calendar view, adjust the number of weeks displayed per month and list view displays with custom date ranges and columns.

The weather forecast covers the upcoming 10 days and you also have the option to configure BusyCal to display holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. BusyCal helps you customize the event fonts, sizes, styles and colors with ease.

Create custom events with personalized fonts, styles and colors

BusyCal also offers you the option to display upcoming tasks directly in your calendar, take control over the date range, create recurring to dos that can be easily synchronized with Apple’s Reminders app.

Moreover, BusyCal helps you organize your calendars into groups and create Smart Filters in order to display only a certain set of calendars, a custom view or events that match the given criteria.

In conclusion, BusyCal is a fully-featured calendar application for everyday use that helps you create events, setup reminders and alarms, check the weather and keep track of tasks with ease.

BusyCal was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 29th, 2015
BusyCal - The top toolbar from BusyCal's main window enables users to quickly change the calendar is displayed.BusyCal - From the right side inspector panel, users can quickly overview their todos, as well as review the currently selected event.BusyCal - By accessing the status bar menu of BusyCal you will be able to quickly add new events to the calendar.BusyCal - screenshot #4BusyCal - screenshot #5BusyCal - screenshot #6BusyCal - screenshot #7BusyCal - screenshot #8BusyCal - screenshot #9BusyCal - screenshot #10BusyCal - screenshot #11BusyCal - screenshot #12BusyCal - screenshot #13BusyCal - screenshot #14BusyCal - screenshot #15

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