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No-frills and inconspicuous OS X Bluetooth device scanner that makes it very simple and quick to find all active Bluetooth devices around your Mac

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Although Mac OS X comes with a built-in Bluetooth device discovery utility that can be enabled from the Bluetooth preference panel or from the Bluetooth status bar menu, if enabled.

Easy way to view any Bluetooth device's pairing status

Bluetooth Explorer comes with a couple of extra features, namely the possibility to view each device’s signal strength and the MAC address, as well as its pairing status.

The Bluetooth Explorer application is a low key and unobtrusive menu bar based utility that won’t get in your way or do anything unless summoned with a mouse click.

Bluetooth device scanning automation

Once you activate it, Bluetooth Explorer automatically starts scanning for and displaying all found Bluetooth devices around your Mac, as a neatly organized and easy to read list.

Bluetooth Explorer can also be employed to troubleshoot a variety of Bluetooth signal problems by analyzing a device’s signal strength depending on its room position.

Helps you generate a list of all your devices' MACs with a simple click of a button

Furthermore, you can use the Bluetooth Explorer app as a simple and unsophisticated utility for rapidly creating a list of all your Bluetooth devices’ MAC addresses, with just a couple of mouse clicks.

To sum it all up, Bluetooth Explorer is an useful utility if you need a simple and fast way to view the signal strength and MAC addresses for multiple Bluetooth devices at a time.

Bluetooth Explorer was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on June 5th, 2014
Bluetooth Explorer - From the status bar item you can view the other devices found via Bluetooth and access the Bluetooth Explorer.Bluetooth Explorer - In the Bluetooth Explorer window you can view information about the available Bluetooth devices.Bluetooth Explorer

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