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A minimalist Mac OS X application designed to store details about birthdays, anniversaries, and other events in order to display reminders.

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Having a reliable application that can deal with all your friend’s birthdays and reminds you about the events beforehand can get you out of rather embarrassing situations. Birthdaybook is a simple Mac app that allows you to keep track of all sorts of events and anniversaries, and sends multiple alerts throughout a user specified timeline.

Minimalist event manager that can keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, and other types of events

Upon launch, Birthdaybook displays a list of upcoming events which can include user setup entries, or events included in the “Famous Names” calendars that integrate with the application by default. However, you can also access the entire database by pressing the “List” button.

You have the possibility to import new events via the Contacts or Calendar application, but you can also create new entires manually: decide if it is a birthday, an anniversary, or other type of event, type a name and a date, and then press the add button.

Effortlessly schedule reminders by applying predefined notification patterns

Via the Birthdaybook Preferences window you have the possibility to adjust the date format, customize the reminder appearance, and personalize the calendars that will be integrated by default with your Apple Calendar app.

The same area allows you to setup a notification template by selecting one of the predefined patterns, or by creating your own. At the same time, you get to decide when you want to see the Birthdaybook alert: at startup, after sleep, or once a day at a specific time. You may also enable the “snooze” functionality to be sure you will register all the notifications.

Uncomplicated events manager that integrates with your and can display successive alerts

Birthdaybook can help you create a comprehensive database of friends and family birthdays, anniversaries, or other type of events. The app allows you to import data from various sources, but also enables you to make manual entries. The best part is that you can create your own notifications pattern to make sure you will not overlook important events.

Birthdaybook was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 24th, 2015
Birthdaybook - In the Birthdaybook main window you can easily view the list of upcoming event.Birthdaybook - screenshot #2Birthdaybook - Via the Birthdaybook File menu you can easily import events from various locations.Birthdaybook - screenshot #4Birthdaybook - screenshot #5Birthdaybook - screenshot #6Birthdaybook - screenshot #7Birthdaybook - screenshot #8Birthdaybook - In the Birthdaybook Preferences window you can decide to include famous names events in your reminder list.

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