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Simple to use and inconspicuous OS X utility designed to help you effortlessly keep a close eye on your portable Mac's battery at all times

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If you own a portable Mac you also know that their batteries should always be monitored to make sure they’re always charged and ready to go.

Helps you monitor your Mac's battery and notifies when it needs a recharge

Battery Inspector is an OS X application that helps you keep an eye on your MacBook’s battery, allowing you to quickly get a detailed overview of its current status, health and to get notified automatically when its charge drops under 20%.

The Battery Inspector app lives in your Mac’s dock and this means that, once you quit the application, you will no longer receive any alerts when it is almost discharged.

Displays the battery's number of charge cycles and detailed capacity info

On a brighter note, as soon as you start Battery Inspector, you will be able to get thorough information about the number of charge cycles it went through, as well as its current and original capacity. This way, you will always be in the know regarding your laptop battery’s capability to keep the system running while on the go.

Furthermore, via Battery Inspector’s “Battery Status” tab, you can track the battery’s temperature and the exact current charge, in order to prevent overheating issues beforehand.

View the battery model and serial number

Moreover, the “General” tab makes it very simple to view the battery’s serial number, manufacturing date and firmware serial number for easier troubleshooting and comprehensive information regarding the model you have installed on your MacBook.

What’s more, from the “Settings” tab, you can change the unit used to display the battery’s temperature, and enable alerts to warn you when the battery’s charge drops under a 20% level and when it is fully charged.

Low-key and always at hand Mac battery tracking utility

All in all, the Battery Inspector application is an useful addition to the default app kit in OS X if you’re the owner of a portable Mac computer who wants to closely monitor his laptop’s battery status.

Battery Inspector was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 10th, 2015
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