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An unobtrusive status bar menu application for Mac OS X that quickly displays the current status of your portable Mac's battery.

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If you are using a portable Mac computer, taking care of your battery life is highly recommended. First of all, you need to make sure you have enough power to finish what your are working on, while the battery life can be prolonged by responsible usage.

Battery Guru is a minimalist Mac app that is able to access the status information stored by your battery internally, and quickly places it on your status bar for easy access.

Uncomplicated software solution designed to display information about your Mac’s battery

Upon launch, Battery Guru adds a new menu to your status bar, and its icon is represented by your current battery usage, expressed in milliamperes. If you want to see more data, simply click on the icon and activate the entire menu.

Battery Guru is able to show information about your current battery capacity, the original battery capacity, the number of charge cycles, the manufacture date, the temperature, and the current charge.

Use your Mac’s battery more efficiently by determining if you are wasting energy

By displaying the current battery usage in your status bar, the Battery Guru app enables you to immediately realize if a background application is draining your power unnecessarily: whenever the usage goes extremely high without an obvious reason, you will know to check for potential unwanted browser tabs that are using the Flash plug-in, and so on.

Battery Guru was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 23rd, 2014
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