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A simple yet stylish status bar menu application that provides quick access to a lot of detailed information about the current status of your battery.

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Depending on your charging habits, the health of you Mac’s battery tends to deprecate in time, so keeping a close look on its status is highly advisable, if you don’t want to be taken by surprise.

Simple to use tool for keeping a close eye on your Mac's battery capacity and current charge

Battery Monitor (formerly known as Battery Diag) is a small status bar menu app that comes with a very stylish design and provides quick access to general information about the battery model and its current state. However, the utility stays out of your way at all times, so it will not disrupt your workflow.

You can easily activate the Battery Monitor main panel by simply pressing the app icon placed in your status bar. This way you can see details about the current battery charge, but also the total battery capacity. The information is provided via a simple yet colorful bar graph.

General battery details, as well as extended battery information

The same area allows you to see your current power source (battery or cord), the battery condition, the number of total and partial discharge cycles, and a small battery timer. The latter is very important, because it lets you know how much time you have left until you have to plug in your computer and charge the battery.

In addition, Battery Monitor provides a separate panel where you can view more technical details about your battery: the remaining capacity, the full capacity, and the design capacity, the current battery temperature, and the power usage. Moreover, you can see the power source used at the moment and the battery condition.

Simple yet useful battery monitoring app

Last but not least, Battery Monitor allows you to use different themes for the user interface: as a result, you can personalize your experience and make sure that the app is matching your Mac’s look and feel.

Battery Monitor proposes a simple solution for keeping and eye on the state of your battery without having to use complex tools: the app stays out of your way at all times, but is able to provide the information you need almost instantly.

Battery Monitor was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 28th, 2015
Battery Monitor - In the Battery Diag main window you can view the current status for your battery.Battery Monitor - In the Battery Diag main window you can view the battery capacity level and the current charge level.Battery Monitor - In the Battery Diag status bar panel you can view detailed information about your battery.Battery Monitor - screenshot #4

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