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A handy, free and open source application that was developed in order to help users with the processing and visualization of large XML instances

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BaseX is a Java based XML Database engine that offers you the possibility to both view and edit the content of your XML files. The utility can also deal with XPath and XQuery functions, and you get to extend its capabilities via Full Text extensions.

XML database editor that works wight out of the box

For everything to run properly, you must make sure that the Java Runtime Platform has been deployed on your Mac beforehand. The user friendly BaseX graphical user interface becomes available by launching the Jar file included in the software archive.

Additionally, within the BaseX archive you will also find the XQuery processor, the server and client architectures, various libraries, scripts, the code for the web application, and the web database administration interface.

Well organized OS X utility for processing XML database files

Right off the bat, you must direct the BaseX application to the XML file you want to open: within the app’s main window you will be able to see their content and run different queries. The application provides support for basic search capabilities, but also includes more advanced XQuery functions.

Moreover, BaseX comes with a text editor that enables you to type content within XML documents, can handle XQuery expressions, command scripts, and so on.

What’s more, BaseX integrates multiple visualization modes that can be used to analyze the data from various perspectives (result, map, tress, folder, plot, table, explorer, or info) with little effort on the user part.

Streamlined solution for editing XML files and analyzing the available data

All in all, BaseX provides an easy to understand graphical user interface where you can view the content of your XML databases, edit the included information, perform different queries, and analyze the data from multiple perspectives. Note that BaseX also comes with an extensive documentation that can help you understand how everything works.

BaseX was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 15th, 2015
BaseX - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to process the loaded file.BaseX - From the editor menu you can open a new Editor window, go to the desired line and access query info.BaseX - From the View menu you can enable or disable buttons, or the input/status bars.BaseXBaseX

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