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A minimalist and straightforward software solution designed to automatically backup any type of file each time you save a new version.

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Saving the modifications made to a file can prove to be erroneous, so having a backup for the original document is extremely useful. AutoFileBackup is a small but efficient Mac app that detects on its own when you are saving the changes made to specific documents, and automatically backups their content.

Straightforward backup solution featuring an user friendly workflow

For your convenience, the AutoFileBackup utility comes with a status bar menu that enables you to open the app’s main window, or simply disable the service. Once you define all the files you want to monitor, AutoFileBackup does not require your attention anymore: it works in the background and displays notifications for each new backup.

AutoFileBackup is able to work with any type of file: all you have to do is drag and drop it on top of the app’s main window. Noteworthy is that AutoFileBackup triggers the backup process only when the changes are saved to the file.

Define the files you want to monitor each time you launch the application

Unfortunately, AutoFileBackup cannot remember your settings between sessions, so you will have to add the items that you want monitored each time the app is relaunched. AutoFileBackup does allow you to save multiple projects but, at this time, the project files do not retain any data.

The same rule applies to the adjustments you are making in the Settings panel: on each launch, you must specify the output location, the prefix and suffix elements that should be used for the backups, and the backup delay (should be used if you are dealing with large files or apps that require more time to write the data).

Uncomplicated and automated backup solution that can handle any type of file

AutoFileBackup provides simple tools that enable you to automatically create backups when you are working on a specific project. The backups will prove to be very useful if the modifications to the original document turn out to be bad ideas.

AutoFileBackup was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
AutoFileBackup - In the AutoFileBackup main window you can easily add the files you want to monitor.AutoFileBackup - In the AutoFileBackup Settings panel you can specify the default output location, the default time delay, and more.

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