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A handy and lightweight Mac OS X utility that helps you to quickly search (and replace) one or several words in hundred of text files

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AskPoirot is an innovative Mac OS X application that helps you search for words or pieces of text in multiple documents at once and check the number of occurrences. The application comes with a fast search engine that can process hundreds of documents in just a few seconds. What’s more, AskPoirot can work with multiple types of files such as XLS, TXT, RTF, DOC and more.

AskPoirot can be used, for example, to detect any misspelled word that you might have typed in more than one document multiple times. All you have to do is specify the target files, enter a word and click on the Search button.

Furthermore, AskPoirot features a straightforward and intuitive user interface that makes visible all the app’s functions. The main window is comprised of a pane which lists all documents that contain the searched word, as well as the number of hits. The total number of hits is also displayed above the Hits column.

Additionally, you can sort the information (file name, text found and hits) by clicking on their respective column names. Another thing you can do is to double click on each entry and the selected document will open in the appropriate application.

On the left of the main window can be seen the number of search results, the parsing details (the number of folders, total files and parsed files) and the elapsed time. The main window also includes the Find field where you can enter your search query and an Insert menu for choosing the type of documents you want to be processed.

Some other features include the ability to choose the encoding type and specify which file types you don’t want to be processed. Moreover, you can toggle an option to search for full words or not and one if you want the search to be case sensitive.

AskPoirot was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 21st, 2015
AskPoirot - In this window users can write the word or phrase to search.AskPoirot - From the Format menu users can set the text size, file name format and more.AskPoirot - From the Control menu you can delete files, order by file-type and more.AskPoirot - From this window you can set your preferences.

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