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A steady and effective Mac OS X utility which enables you to quickly catalog your disks using a fast scanning and cataloging engine

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Archive is a no-frills Mac OS X app that can catalog the contents of your removable disk drives and devices. In other words, Archive can quickly scan your CDs, DVDs, hard drives or Flash drives, and catalogs the files and folders on these devices, so you can browse their contents any time.

The application comes with various handy features while offering a clean and intuitive interface at the same time. Moreover, Archive’s user interface is comprised of a left pane for accessing connected devices, catalogs and search shortcuts.

As for the rest of the GUI, Archive offers users a multi-column pane to find files as quickly as possible. It also provides a pane on the lower side of the main window for viewing the details of the currently selected file or folder.

Another element in the user interface is the bar at the bottom where you can access a search bar for finding files in any catalog very quickly. You can even search files / folders in all catalogs at once.

The list of features includes a quick scanning engine that shortens the time it takes to catalog disks with entire gigabytes. In addition, while cataloging the contents of a device, it displays a progress bar to check how much it takes to finish.

Furthermore, an interesting feature is the ability to update or rename a catalog if you reconnect the device which you’ve previously catalogued. What’s more, files can be launched directly from a catalog if you connect its corresponding disk or drive.

To summarize the above description, Archive offers you an elegant, reliable and highly intuitive solution for disk / drive cataloging. If you ever need to collect archives of your DVD collection or all your drives into one place, the app might just be the answer.

Archive was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on November 15th, 2013
Archive - This is how you can visualize the files on your Macintosh HD.Archive - Soem actions are available here.Archive - Catalog changes can be made in this panel.Archive - screenshot #4

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