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AggreGate Platform is a professional and multi-industry device management platform that employs modern M2M technologies to control, configure and monitor different electronic devices.

AggreGate Platform also helps you to aggregate device data into a common database, where you can "slice and dice" it according to your needs, as well as let other enterprise applications transparently access it.

The core components are Java-based and may be deployed on most present-day hardware and operating systems.  

Connecting your devices to the system is easy and cost-effective. Any existing device may work with AggreGate Platform regardless of its communication protocol even if it's not network-enabled.

You can bridge your existing devices into the system using a programmable controller (such as Tibbo's DS1000 BASIC-programmable Industrial Controller or EM1202 Embedded Module), by implementing AggreGate communication protocol in your own device, or by protocol conversion via software device drivers.
Last updated on May 25th, 2014
AggreGate Platform - From AggreGate's Settings and Synchronization Status you will be able to view and analyze your server's activity status.AggreGate Platform - The Basic Properties help you to enter various values for different settings like read-only setting, nullable setting and more.AggreGate Platform - By accessing the Device Status, you can monitor and examine the activity status of the selected device.AggreGate Platform

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