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A lightweight and very easy-to-use application that enables you to quickly and effortlessly uninstall Adobe's Flash Player from your Mac

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Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller is a free and streamlined OS X application that makes it simple and straightforward to successfully and completely uninstall Adobe's Flash Player from your Mac’s system.

Uninstall Flash Player to fix system and app stability issues

Moreover, the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller app proves its utility if your copy of Adobe Flash Player did not installed correctly on your Mac or when just want to make a new and clean installation.

Before reinstalling Adobe Flash Player on your computer, Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller allows you to quickly and efficiently uninstall the current version with just a few mouse clicks.

Multiple uninstaller version for each Flash Player version

First of all, you will have to determine which version of Mac OS X you have installed on your system and download the appropriate Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller and save it on your Mac's hard drive to any location of your choice.

At the end of the downloading process, you can have to mount the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller DMG disk image and launch the Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller application.

Next, from Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller's main window, you will have the option to close the app or uninstall Adobe Flash Player.

Remove all Flash Player components for all not running apps

Before totally removing Flash Player from your Mac, you have to quit all running applications including your web browsers or any other app that might use the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.

If you will fail to close any of the above mentioned applications that use Adobe’s Flash Player, then the Flash Player Uninstaller will ask you to manually close any such applications before continuing the removal process.

Simple to use and really fast Flash Player remover app

In case of any not responding apps that fail to quit the already running Flash Player instances, you will have to use the Flash Player Uninstaller one more time to make sure that related files have been removed correctly.

All in all, the Flash Player Uninstaller utility is the tool to go to if you have an unresponsive Flash Player installation that keeps crashing your browsers and apps.

Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 25th, 2015
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