Adobe Encore CS6 for Mac6.0.1

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A handy and reliable application that was specifically designed in order to provide bug fixes for the Adobe Encore software.





Adobe Encore CS6 is an updater that provides bug fixes and enhancements for the popular Adobe Encore application. The installation of the Adobe Encore CS6 updater is recommended by Adobe since it allows you to benefit from all the updates in a snap.

Adobe Encore is a tool that was developed to help you create your own Blu-Rays and DVDs using a simple and intuitive interface.

You can easily send projects from Adobe Premiere to Encore even without rendering them, and, after that, you can use flowcharts in order to view their navigation and define them. Adobe Encore is included in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe Encor provides increased performance for 64-bit processors, bringing you a stable environment for  the authoring process. On top of that, it also include background batch encoding, which allows you to offload transcoding to encoders. This comes in handy when you work with 4k and 5k workflows, which generally need a lot of processing power.

Adobe Encore successfully integrates with various Adobe applications, like Illustrator, Adobe Audition, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

On top of that, Adobe Encore includes batch background encoding and DTS HD digital audio encoding.

You can easily design and modify DVD menus using the popular Adobe Photoshop application by using its special layering techniques. Adobe Encore CS6 is the last Encore release, since Adobe has ended its development.
Last updated on May 31st, 2012

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