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Makes it very simple to clean the cache, rebuild services and delete your browser's Internet history via a user-oriented and intuitive interface

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Keeping your system clean is very important if you want to make sure your Mac will run smoothly. Cleaning the cache, rebuilding services and deleting the Internet history are essential tasks in the quest for making the most out of your Mac’s resources.

iTool is a great application that offers you the possibility to run all these tasks from a stylish, OS X like interface. The app provides quick access to most of its features through the main window, which is organized in two main areas: the browsing panel and the options sections. Simply select the tasks you want to run and then press the “Run” button situated in the bottom right corner.

iTool is able to launch different maintenance tasks: “Repair permissions”, “Periodic daily script”, “Periodic weekly script” or “Periodic monthly script”. The app is also able to rebuild the update prebindings, the Launchservices, the .DS_Store files and the Mail or Spotlight indexes.

Additionally, iTools can delete the user, system and DNS cache, the Internet footprints and the Swap and Logs files. The app is able to clear the browser’s history (if you are using Safari, Firefox or Camino), the cache, the cookies, the websites icons or the downloads window.

iTools can be used to detect corrupted preferences files or anticipate hard drive failures. The user can choose to browse the Console logs in a more organized manner and export the data to a TXT file on the desktop. Furthermore, iTool allows you to force empty or secure force empty your trash.

Besides the maintenance options accessible from the main window, the iTool menus host a plethora of customization options for your Dock, Finder, Dashboard and much more.

iTool is no longer under development but it does provide quick access to a suite of very efficient tools, which will improve your system’s overall performance.

iTool was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 20th, 2013
iTool - In the iTool main window you can choose to run maintenance and cleaning tasks.iTool - In the iTool Internet panel you can easily choose to clean the history of your Safari, Firefox or Camino browsers.iTool - screenshot #3iTool - screenshot #4iTool - screenshot #5iTool - screenshot #6iTool - screenshot #7iTool - screenshot #8iTool - screenshot #9iTool - In the iTool Tweak menu you can easily customize the Dock, the Dashboard, the Finder and more.iTool - screenshot #11

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