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A lightweight and very easy-to-use application specially designed to help you customize and personalize the looks of your Mac's Dock and Finder

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If you got bored with your Mac’s default Dock background and you miss the colored sidebar from OS X 10.6, than cDock is the application you need.

Personalize the looks of your Mac’s Dock

cDock is a simple, clean and straightforward Mac OS X application that enables you to install a 2D Dock on your Mac running 10.9 or later. On top of that, cDock helps you personalize the appearance of your Dock with several dock styles included in the app.

As follows, you can make the Dock transparent or install one of the pre-made dock styles with just a couple of mouse clicks. Between the pre-made themes you’ll find a dark and grey dock, as well as pink or pink.

Create your own Dock themes and apply them with ease

The best thing about cDock, is that it allows you to create your custom look by manually changing the dock settings file according to your preferences. The provided settings info text file provides the necessary information about the values that you can modify in order to change the look of the Dock and automatically opens when you select the “Install Customizable Dock” option and hit the “Okay” button.

Go back to the original appearance and quickly restart the Dock

From cDock’s main window, you also have the option to restart the Dock or the Finder and, as mentioned above, to install the colored Finder sidebar. On top of that, you can easily restore the Finder and the Dock to their original looks if necessary.

cDock performed well in our tests and allowed us to try several different looks until we where happy with the appearance of both our Mac’s Dock and Finder sidebar. Hopefully, cDock’s developer will provide more dock styles with the updates to come.

cDock was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 13th, 2015
cDock - screenshot #1cDock - From cDock's main window you are able to customize and personalize your Mac's Dock and Finder.cDock - You can easily restore the Dock and Finder to the original settings.cDock - The Settings window helps you install and check for updates.

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