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Using a simple toggling technique, it can be setup to quickly clean your system, local, and user caches, as well as reset all launch services and clear the swap files

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Considering the fact that today's software market is being flooded with applications designed to make it as easy as possible to clean your Mac of all sorts of useless files or to run various maintenance tasks in order to keep your system in perfect shape, another such app isn't probably that special.

Provides you with a comprehensive toolkit of system maintenance tools and features, easily accessible via a user-friendly interface

This would be the case for Yasu too, if it wasn't under development for an entire decade and it didn't bundle all of the tools mentioned above, all tightly packed up within a simple and intuitive interface.

Being designed as a "swiss knife" of maintenance apps on the OS X platform (and as a replacement for Cocktail), Yasu is now a 100% free application which lives up to its users expectations by packing all the tools that you will ever need and more.

Cleans your Mac's hard drive of huge amounts of cache and swap files, and resets the OS X launch services for better responsiveness

Yasu allows you to clean your Mac's hard drive of all those pesky cache files that take up a lot of space and, most of the times, when growing out of proportions, only make your apps start slower and your system feel sluggish and unresponsive.

Thus, using a simple toggling system, you can setup Yasu to clear the system, local, and user caches, as well as reset all launch services and clear the swap files.

Furthermore, beside clearing all the system related cache files, Yasu can also take care of all Internet related cached data. Hence, you can effortlessly configure it to completely erase all browsers' cache and cookies, together with any bookmark icons that you no longer need.

Also designed to make it as simple and as effortless as possible to run all Apple system maintenance scripts with a simple click of button

Additionally, if you want to make sure that all built-in OS X maintenance scripts have been run, you can run the daily, weekly and monthly repair scripts at once, one after the other. This section also allows you to reset the system and home permission, and to toggle on and off the "Update prebinding" option.

The last configuration section makes it easy to delete all the logs saved by system or user applications, and to remove crash, error and archived logs, all with a couple of mouse clicks.

Full-featured and intuitive system maintenance tool for both beginner and advanced Mac users

To sum it all up, using Yasu is not only advisable if you want to have a Mac in flawless shape, but also imperative if you need as much free space as possible on your hard drive.

Yasu was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on October 20th, 2014
Yasu - From the main window you will be able to toggle which task you want to run and what should Yasu do when they are all finished.Yasu - In the Preferences window you can enable the secure deletion feature and set Yasu to automatically kill all other apps when running.

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