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Easy-to-use utility specially designed to help you install and run various Windows-based apps on your Mac with just a few mouse clicks

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Wine is an open source project designed to allow Mac users to run programs developed for Microsoft Windows without using a virtual machine or any kind of emulators.

Wine does not port the Windows programs, but rather provides an additional component that makes the communication between the Windows utility and the POSIX compliant operating system possible.

WineBottler is a Mac OS X application, based on Wine, that will help you manage, quickly install and run Windows utilities via an organized and streamlined environment.

Simple installation process

The WineBottler software package includes both the Wine and WineBottler applications: for everything to go smoothly, you must copy both to your Applications folder. All you have to do next is launch WineBottler and decide which Windows programs you want to install.

Automatic installation for Windows utilities

In the WineBottler main window you can view a list of programs that you can easily deploy on your Mac. Note that WineBottler does not include the actual installers, but the app will download and automatically configure them for you.

Noteworthy is that the developers of some of the included utilities also provide Mac specific installers: if you are looking for a better experience, using them is highly recommended.

Install Windows programs on your own

The WineBottler main window comes with 3 different tabs: in the “Download” section you can see the Windows programs that can be installed automatically, in the “On My Mac” area you can view the utilities already installed on your computer, while in the “Advanced” tab you can make your own “bottles” by pointing WineBottler to the software package.

User friendly management app for programs running on Wine

If you are using Wine to run Windows programs on your Mac computer, WineBottler is able to improve your experience by allowing you to manage them via a stylish, organized, and intuitive environment.

WineBottler was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
WineBottler - By accessing the main window of WineBottler, you will be able to download and install the desired applications.WineBottler - In the Advanced tab you can customize the prefix template, Winetricks or create a silent installer.WineBottler - From the General menu users can choose where to display installer explanations.WineBottler

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