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Minimalist Mac OS X application that places a virtual keyboard on your desktop and enables you to effortlessly type by using your mouse.

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Mac OS X comes with a Virtual Keyboard viewer that can be used to type by using your mouse, but has a number of significant limitations: for example, you cannot make use of the modifier keys.

VirtualKeyboard is a small OS X utility that provides a virtual keyboard, packs multiple keyboard layouts, and enables you to perform most actions supported by a conventional keyboard device.

Customizable virtual keyboard that can stay on top of your windows

Upon launch, you will be able to visualize the virtual keypad in the VirtualKeyboard main window. Via the app’s menus you can choose to view the numeric keypad, adjust the keypad size,  activate the notes area, or change the keyboard layout (mini, reduced, standard, or extended).

VirtualKeyboard has been designed to provide support to disabled persons, and you have the option to simplify the typing process even more via the Preferences window: you get to enable the “Hover to Click” and the “ Key Repeat” functions, and adjust the delay period in order to avoid accidental typing.

Adjust the typing workflow to match your own needs

Other customization options include the fact that you can choose to see the keyboard in 3D mode, to enable sound effects for different actions (typing, minimizing/maximizing, cut/copy/see all/paste, or pref/zoom/dash), to make the keyboard transparent, to switch to opaque when the cursor is above, or to activate the transparency mode when the keyboard is minimized.

Simple but efficient solution for typing without making use of a hardware keyboard

VirtualKeyboard proves to be a very useful addition to your software collection if you need to be able to type and use all your keyboard’s functions, without using your hands: the app places a virtual keyboard on your desktop, and you can use the mouse to press any key.

VirtualKeyboard was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on November 25th, 2014
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