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An unobtrusive and powerful utility designed from the ground up to help you place multiple widgets on your Mac's screens and display their output

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Übersicht is a practical and very easy-to-use Mac OS X application that makes it easy for your to check the weather, monitor your system’s status, receive updates, keep an eye on your to-do list and more.

Handy system utility for novice and experienced users alike

In other words, Übersicht enables you to run various system commands and display their output on your desktop within little containers, called widgets.

These widgets can be written using HTML5 and, as a result, are fully customizable, are able to display data in tables, graphs or charts and can react to different screen sizes.

The widgets supported by Übersicht need to be in a single file with a JS or COFFEE extension in order for the app to load them.

Moreover, Übersicht automatically monitors any changes in your widget directory fact that allows you to preview the changes performed within a widget in real time.

Ever-growing collection of community generated widgets

The best thing Übersicht is that it comes with a list of community widgets that you can download and install with just a couple of mouse clicks. From Übersicht’s status bar menu you can open the widgets folder and place the desired widgets inside.

Übersicht automatically displays them on your desktop and gives you the power to refresh all loaded widgets with a single click of a mouse button. It is worth mentioning that you are required to edit the code of the loaded widgets in order to move them from one part of the screen to another.

Fully-customizable widgets that you can place anywhere on your desktop

It would have been much easier if Übersicht enabled its users to change the location of the installed widgets via easier means. On the bright side, you can edit the content of the downloaded widgets and customized them according to your needs or preferences.

Übersicht was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 3rd, 2015
Übersicht - Übersicht helps you place multiple widgets on your Desktop in order to monitor your machine and receive updates.Übersicht - From Übersicht's status bar menu, you can open the widgets folder, refresh all widgets and access the Preferences pane.Übersicht - The Preferences window helps you change the default widgets folder and enable Übersicht to start at login.

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